The Profitable Way to Get Rid of Junk Cars

Anyone who is a vehicle owner for any length of time will probably have the unfortunate experience of owning
a car with no road value. These are older vehicles that have blown engines, new vehicles involved in a serious
accident and models that seem to have become more rust than metal. These automotive disasters are
unlikely to sell, impossible to fix and expensive to throw away. Parting them out may be an option in some
instances, but few homeowners want a disassembled vehicle spread out across their yard. Luckily, there is
another option.

It is possible to find businesses that offer cash for junk cars. Companies like these purchase older, damaged and unwanted vehicles to part out for their own profit. They are able to sell off any salvageable components and turn in the scrap metal for recycling. In addition to providing an earth-friendly recycling option, they also help people to clear out the junk cars from their property.

Unlike a removal service that charges people to haul away a vehicle, they actually pay the customers for the vehicle they are removing. They are also not like many metal salvage companies because they will go to the property where the car or truck is located and haul it away. There is no charge for the towing, and they will pay for the vehicle when they arrive to pick it up. The homeowner does not have to be there when they arrive, as long as the vehicle is on their property and it is accessible to the tow truck driver.

Unlike parts buyers and individual buyers, a cash for cars company does not seek out only specific years, makes and models of vehicles. Of course, the rate will vary according to what the vehicle is, but they will provide the customer with the amount they are willing to pay prior to arriving to retrieve the vehicle. They operate in rural and urban areas, and are even available in Mountain View. The company can remove one vehicle, or a dozen.

Vehicles can only be sold if they are owned outright. The company will not offer or pick up any vehicle that is currently under a lien. Proof of ownership will be required, but as long as the vehicle is the property of the person making the call, it can be removed in as little as 48-hours. Anyone can contact the office to find out more or to get an estimate on any of the old, unwanted vehicles taking up space in their yard.