We Buy Cars In Mountain View, CA

In the middle of an unstable economy, everyone has a need for a little extra cash. Fortunately, expensive
payday loans are no longer the only option. Anyone with a vehicle, in nearly any condition, can sell it to earn
extra cash. As an added bonus, in order to qualify, the car does not have to be working.

Vehicle Eligibility

We buy cars without any hassle. Depending on the approval time, most vehicles are collected the same day. No damage is too severe. Typically, the average car accepted is one that has been involved in an accident, those with water or fire damage as well as unattractive cars that are bringing down the property’s value. All sizes including economy, mid-size, sports utility vehicles, mini vans as well as work vans are eligible for pick up. The tow truck driver will come to the owner's home or work place. Because of their flexibility, the driver will pick up any vehicle that is safely parked on the side of the road.

Arranging for A Pick Up

Because each situation is treated differently, the quote and pick up arrangements are made either online or by phone. In order to expedite the process, certain information such the car's make, model, year and general condition should be on hand. The agent will also ask about specific problems, missing parts or missing components. Although, a title is recommended, it is not necessary if the vehicle is more than ten years old, the caller is the owner and it is registered in the owner's name. Since the cars are scrapped and sold for parts, having the keys are not necessary. Using this service to receive cash for cars that are no longer needed consumes less time than putting an ad in the paper or using Craigslist. It is also safer. The vehicle's owner receives information on the tow company ahead of time.

Before Pickup

Before the tow driver leaves the premise, be sure to remove all personal belongings. If the vehicle is registered, be sure to call the insurance company to cancel the policy. In situations where the person who calls for a quote does not own the car, that individual must have a title that has been signed over to the caller.